In the villages on the hills along Kenya’s coast, drinking water is in short supply. The local people bore holes in the pipes that carry the water from the hills to the hotels on the coast where thousands of tourists spend their holidays. Constant water cuts in the hotels are annoying and in addition the ground of the hills is eroding and is washed down into the sea, turning it brown.


Together with a local organization I initiated a project for Kuoni aimed at providing the hill villages with drinking water and at the same time helping to preserve existential resources. The villagers themselves build small dams around 20 meters in diameter. These dams allow small lakes to form during the rainy season. The lakes are planted with an aquatic plant that keeps the water clean and feeds the fish which have been released to later serve as food. Furthermore, they stop malaria- carrying mosquitoes from multiplying. The lake water allows irrigation and the hills can be cultivated.


The villagers have drinking water and the chance to irrigate crops, the yield increases, protein for human nutrition is provided by the fish and the hotels on the coast have less water cuts and clean sea in which the tourists can swim.